Dynamometer 250iX

Dynamometer 250iX in tulsa, ok

One of the most valuable tools in the shop

Dynamometer Model 250iX with state of the art custom industrial noise control sound room. Contact your Service Advisor at 918-622-1340 or request online!

  • Motorcycles, Choppers, Trikes, Carbureted, and Fuel Injection
  • Measures up to 750 Horsepower and 858 lb/ft of Torque
  • Dual O2 Sensors Live Readings
  • Data Stream
  • Closed-Loop Control of Speed or RPM
  • Closed-Loop Torque Control Modules
  • Test Vehicles at Full or Partial Throttle
  • Motor Break-In Procedures
  • Speedo Calibration

Dyno Tuning – Feel the Difference therapy for your motorcycle

A Dynamometer is essential to realizing the full potential of today's complicated fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles with performance modifications. This is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run/drivability issues in a controlled environment. Route 66 Harley-Davidson® has Technicians that are trained to tune H-D® Super Tuner and have experience with many other aftermarket tuning devices.

Equipped with Real time Torque module/meter, real time O2 and Eddy current load control, our Dynamometers is a state of the art, computer controlled, Dynojet® 250iX. By simulating the best "seat-of-the-pants" road testing right in the shop, many drivability/run problems can be diagnosed in a fraction of the time.

Understanding fuel and ignition REQUIREMENTS

The simplest way to look at the internal combustion engine and understand what is done to increase performance is to see it as an air pump.The more air it is capable of pumping at any given time, the more power it will make (expressed as Volumetric Efficiency aVE). To get the most energy out of that air, it relies on accurate metering of fuel to that air expressed as stoichiometric, an AFR of 14.7:1 is the theoretical ratio that results in the greatest release of available energy gasoline).Real world inefficiencies result in an air/fuel ratio (AFR) of 12.8:1 to 13.3:1, for best power and 14.5:1, for best mileage. Keeping the AFR around 13.8 underload, get the best of both worlds.

The VE, AFR and tuning requirements constantly vary as determined by the mechanical and dynamic properties of the motor.The main mechanical Parts are typically engine size (volume), compression ratio/cylinder pressure (static,corrected and dynamic), cam timing/lift, port/valve flow capacity (cfm, including the induction system), exhaust and NOS/super/turbocharging. The exhaust system is the largest, single, variable influence on how the motor processes air, the shape of the VE graph and tuning requirements. The dynamic parts are typically RPM, throttle position and load (including wind, tire pressure, terrain, gearing and luggage).

Ignition requirements are dictated by engine design properties such as exhaust (how much heat is retained), camprofiles, piston/combustion chamber shape, piston/head clearance (quench/squish), cylinder pressures,rpm limits,fuel quality and intended use.

On carbureted motorcycles to adjust air/fuel ratios. We use various performance parts and kits.To install we remove the carburetors to gain access to and replace pilot jets, main jets, emulsion tubes, needles and make float height adjustments as required. This procedure can require removing and replacing the carburetors many times until the correct ratios are accomplished. A dyno tune is the most efficient and accurate method. Fuel Injected Motorcycles have throttle bodies and  fuel injectors driven by the ECU (engine control unit) and its programming or calibration. Input from a variety on sensors allows more accurate control as engine demands change and offsets to account for environment changes.


The Super Tuner allows direct access to the ECU programs and their modification. We are, in affect, creating custom calibrations for specific combinations (just like H-­D Downloads). The Super Tuner does, however include many SE calibrations in the map files to select from. These can then be modified or a completely new file created if the combination does not match the calibrations part description.

Super Tuner provides a much higher level of tuning than any other device without replacing the ECU itself. Each cylinders fuel and ignition mapping is independently tuned, using three dimensions, resulting in a custom map that eliminates the possibility of one cylinder fighting or holding back the other.

This equals more horsepower with smooth linear drivability. In addition, warm up enrichment, idle speeds, IAC steps, rev limits, AFR off sets, injector sizing can be changed. To help in tuning or diagnostics, Super Tuner also features a data mode to collect and review sensor inputs or other data. Both of these can only be tuned accurately by using a computer controlled load cell dyno with real time AFR monitoring.

We can custom build a Fuel Injection Map just for your motorcycle!