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The Styles of Helmet

Whether you prefer the full coverage and additional protection of a full face helmet, prefer the lighter feel and cooler breeze of a half helmet, or just want to look amazing while you cruise down the road; you should always make sure your most important assets are protected. Namely, you. Harley-Davidson® has an array of motorcycle helmets that offer improved safety without sacrificing style. Visit Route 66 Harley-Davidson®, serving Tulsa, Oklahoma near Oklahoma City, and let our staff walk you through our available selection of motorcycle helmets!

Half Helmets

Half helmets are the rebel standard. This minimalist design is made with comfort and freedom in mind, however they leave something to be desired in terms of protection. Half helmets, as the name would suggest, cover the top half of a rider’s head, providing less protection than the larger types of helmet, but also preserving an exceptionally lightweight design that contributes to reduced fatigue on the road. While half helmets can be a great option for touring riders, they typically don’t include any sort of protection for your eyes and face, so a set of riding goggles and a bandana may be necessary to keep the grit out of your teeth.

Three-Quarter Helmets

A three-quarter helmet is the next step past the compact design of a half helmet. Three-quarter, or open face helmets, are designed with additional protection for the lower back of a rider’s head, and often include windscreens or other types of protection for a rider’s face. These helmets are heavier than a half helmet, but are more convenient, as they don’t block a rider’s mouth to prevent you from grabbing a sip of water or chatting while you’re taking a break.

Full Helmets

A full face helmet expands on the design of a three-quarter helmet by adding a chin bar that extends out in front of a riders face. This chin bar also creates a base for the visor which provides the best wind and face protection of any other class of helmet. Full helmets are heavy, and if you don’t buy a vented model, they can be hot, so they’re typically favored by riders who are taking more frequent, but shorter rides.

Modular Helmets

A modular helmet is a great balance between the convenience of a three-quarter helmet and the protection of a full face helmet. This type of headgear is equipped with a movable chin bar that can flip up when you stop to take a break. It won’t provide the same impact protection as a full face helmet, but it does a good job keeping the wind off of your face while you ride.

Picking the Right Helmet

There isn’t one type of helmet that’s right for all riders. You may find that as a commuting rider, you prefer the convenience of a modular helmet, or as a touring enthusiast a half helmet works best. No matter what type of helmet works best there’s one feature that you need to be on the lookout for: the fit. A good fit makes the difference between a helmet doing it’s job, and a potentially devastating accident. Make sure that you try helmets on when you’re buying, fasten all the straps and tighten them down as if you’re about to ride. Make sure you’ve got comfortable range of vision and motion, and that you don’t feel any tight spots where the helmet rubs uncomfortably.

If you’re looking for something that’s light, but offers more protection than the half helmet, definitely check out a modular helmet. Or if you want the increased safety of the full helmet, without covering your mouth, then browse through our selection of three-quarter motorcycle helmets. Whatever helmet you choose, make sure you get the fit just right. An improperly fitted helmet won’t give you the protection you need when you need it most. For any other questions, visit Route 66 Harley-Davidson, near Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Oklahoma, and let our staff get you squared away!