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Sportster® Customizations

If you’re looking at one of our Sportster® motorcycles, or own one already, and think it may not be the best fit for you, we can help! Here at Route 66 Harley-Davidson we offer a great selection of parts and accessories that will subtly change the fit of your Sportster without infringing on it’s sweet style! Route 66 Harley-Davidson is proud to offer these great accessories to our friends in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Harley-Davidson® Parts for sale in Tulsa, OK near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Tallboy Accessories

Harley-Davidson® Tallboy Accessories are made for those who find themselves a little cramped in the saddle of a Sportster motorcycle. This range of accessories help to subtly shift the ergonomics of the bike so you can find that perfect fit, and a comfortable ride.

Tallboy Solo Seat

The Tallboy Solo Seat is an awesome place to start if you’re dialing in the fit of your Sportster. This seat moves your body up two inches and back 2 ½”, Your legs will be able to extend just a bit more, and your arms should rest more comfortably.

Tallboy Handlebar

If your arms are cramping from keeping your elbows bent while you ride, the Tallboy Handlebar is the accessory for you. This handlebar (available in chrome or gloss black) stops you from hunching over your controls by putting your hands in a level position and giving you a more natural feeling grip.

Extended Reach Forward Control Kit

If you want to get your feet out in front of you, as a taller rider the Sportster may feel like it’s a little constricting, so come in and see our service department to get an extended reach forward control kit. This awesome customization puts your feet in a comfortable forward position.

Reach Accessories

Harley-Davidson’s Reach Accessories are made to improve your comfort if the ergonomics of your Sportster stretch you out past your comfort level. Come in and talk with our service department about getting some of these great customizations for your motorcycle.

Super Reach Solo Seat

The Super Reach Solo Seat shifts your body closer to the controls of your motorcycle for an easier, more relaxed ride. The slim nose of the seat lowers the seat height so you can get your foot down with ease. If your height is keeping you from getting the most out of your motorcycle, this is the first step towards a satisfying ride.

Reach Handlebar

The Reach handlebar extends the controls of your Sportster towards your body for a relaxed reach. The allows you to engage in more confident maneuvering, and precise throttle control. Hunch forward no longer!

Reduced Reach Forward Control Kit

With the Reduced Reach forward control kit, you can get the kicked back cruiser feel on any of the Sportster bikes! Our service department will be happy to help you get this customization kit installed so you can enjoy a fun, relaxing ride with your feet in a forward riding position that doesn’t force you to scoot up onto the fuel tank!

Whether you’re just a little too tall, or are just an inch from being able to get your foot down, we’ve got a great selection of Harley-Davidson parts and accessories to fix the fit of your Sportster motorcycle! Stop on by and see us at Route 66 Harley-Davidson in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we’ll be happy to help! Route 66 Harley-Davidson is proud to offer our parts and services to the areas of Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, and Stillwater, Oklahoma.