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Screamin’ Eagle® Parts and Customization

Route 66 Harley-Davidson® is excited to be your dealership for the all new Screamin’ Eagle® Performance Parts & Upgrades from Harley-Davidson! Drop on by our dealership and check out everything that’s new this year from Harley-Davidson! Our dealership is located in Tulsa, OK near Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Exhaust

Add some style and performance to your Softail Motorcycle® with the Street Cannon exhaust upgrade from the Screamin’ Eagle line. These awesome components allow your Softail to get high flow exhaust performance while delivering the soul shaking rumble that Harley-Davidson is known for, and adding on a slick high end style to your bike. Add on to your Heritage Softail Classic with the chrome Street Cannon mufflers, or get your Softail Slim looking great with the jet black version of this component. You can add even more to your customization by choosing from the selection of 3.25” end caps, and heat shields available in a range of finishes and styles.

Screamin’ Eagle Fully Adjustable Piggyback Shocks

If your Sportster’s suspension could use a little bit of a boost, then check out the Screamin’ Eagle fully adjustable PIggyback Shocks. This great customization option puts the handling of your bike under your control, simply set the preload for your preferred level of sag, and then dial in the compression and rebound dampening using the piggyback cartridge. Combine this customization option with the adjustable front fork kit, and you’ll completely change the riding character of your Sportster. Not only will the Piggyback shocks make your bike feel better, they look great too. The anodized preload adjuster adds a subtle highlight to the back end of your motorcycle, while the piggyback cartridge tells everyone who sees that you're a rider who means serious business.

Screamin’ Eagle Stage III Upgrade for Milwaukee-Eight Engines

The Milwaukee-Eight is the most powerful touring engine ever created by Harley-Davidson. When you ride on a Milwaukee-Eight bike, you feel the power on tap every time you twist the throttle, but if you’re really brave, you can take that performance ot the next level. The Screamin’ Eagle Stage III upgrade for the Milwaukee-Eight transforms the 107 cubic inch engine into a 117 cu. in. powerhouse. The net result of this upgrade is a power increase of 39%. That’s an extra 39% on top of the already formidable 111 ft. lbs of torque that this engine is capable of producing.

The new Screamin’ Eagle upgrades & performance parts from Harley-Davidson are the perfect way to customize and and enhance the ride of your bike. Whether you are adding new suspension to your Sportster or upgrading the exhaust on your Street Glide, at Route 66 Harley-Davidson we will help you order and install any of the Screamin’ Eagle upgrades. Drop by our service and parts departments located at our Harley-Davidson dealership in Tulsa, OK near Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Oklahoma and we’ll get your bike upgraded and on the road in no time!